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A Less Than Smooth Criminal

Makeshift Manny was a poor crook. He went to the library to check out a book about how to thieve and how to rob wanting to improve his skills on the job. When he got home the police were there. … Continue reading

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May Haiku

Sun shining, yet rain patters down to moisten skin Then steams off skyward The blade that kills is a sorrowful instrument The saving blade shines The wise man knows his ignorance and is not shy about not knowing Tigers claw … Continue reading

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He Who Stole the Sky

I was told and awful lie about a man who stole the sky He kept it for his very own and reaped the evil he had sown But in the end he made it right He snuck it back by dark of … Continue reading

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Button-down Doggie of the Andes

We hiked into town from the West. The trail turned into road on the outskirts of this hamlet; so, in some sense, we were at the bleak edge of civilization. At first the sights were Third World classics. Litter lined the trenches … Continue reading

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Crabby Joe Rants about Tipping

The reader is probably saying to himself or herself, this guy is crabby (what was your first clue, Nimrod?) and perhaps even a bit surly, and, therefore, just doesn’t like giving tips. WRONG! I have no problem with giving gratuities to … Continue reading

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Laws of Bureaucratic-Dynamics

1st Law: Efficiency gains cannot be created under Bureaucracy. The Bureaucrat, having the power, will always revise procedures so as to be less work for the bureaucrat even if it requires much more work for all others, and, thus, represents a societal dead … Continue reading

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The 2nd Coming of John Frum, Pt.I

“So, thou are the lord, our god, John Frum?” The ruddy complected and jowly passport inspector said jovially. “Pardon?”  John said. He bristled instinctively; not certain whether he was being made the butt of a joke or not. “I read … Continue reading

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