Laws of Bureaucratic-Dynamics

1st Law: Efficiency gains cannot be created under Bureaucracy. The Bureaucrat, having the power, will always revise procedures so as to be less work for the bureaucrat even if it requires much more work for all others, and, thus, represents a societal dead weight welfare loss. The best state that can be achieved is that the revision represents a lateral shift in efficiency and, thus, a breakeven in societal welfare.

2nd Law: Illogic increases. Bureaucracy thrives where individuals can justify their existence by making frequent random changes to procedures. If these changes became increasingly logical they would converge on an optimal state, and no further logical change would be possible. This results in a net movement in the direction of decreased logic. 

3rd Law: The budgetary law: over-delivery incurs budgetary cuts and under-delivery accrues increased resources. This results in a spiral not unlike circling the drain in a toilet bowl.

4th Law: Lemon law of bureaucracy, i.e. bad bureaucrats will compound. Those who enjoy being productive and advancing logic will find bureaucracy anathema, and so the ranks of bureaucracies will increasingly be filled with clock-punching Solitaire masters.

About B Gourley

Bernie Gourley is a writer living in Bangalore, India. His poetry collection, Poems of the Introverted Yogi is now available on Amazon. He teaches yoga, with a specialization in pranayama, and holds a RYT500 certification. For most of his adult life, he practiced martial arts, including: Kobudo, Muay Thai, Kalaripayattu, and Taiji. He is a world traveler, having visited more than 40 countries around the globe.
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