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Tyler Durden Was Right: or, The [Sad] Meaning of Life

Tyler Durden was right. We are consumers, all. If we don’t buy needless crap our entire economy will stall. They hook you as a little kid with endless serial toys, Fun Meal promises reel you in, “collect all six, have … Continue reading

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2012: the Bright Side of Apocalypse

2012 is approaching. The end it must be nigh. There’s no reason to think the ancient Mayans would lie.   They may not have had indoor plumbing, and couldn’t foresee their own demise. But, still, let’s give them some credit … Continue reading

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The Inner Farmer

There is a farmer in each of us who loves to see spouts grow. Joy swells in one’s very soul, as life climbs from sun and water flow.   Planter boxes line balconies as sidewalks bustle below. People escape smoke gray lives … Continue reading

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