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An Autobiography in 25 Bullet Points

I found this among my writing files, and thought it was an intriguing exercise. Here is the idea: summarize one’s life in 25 random thoughts. 1.)    I was born a Hoosier flatlander. 2.)    When I was a child, I had to wear braces … Continue reading

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Seven Deadly Sins of Speculative Fiction Writers: [and Other Prognosticators]

Yesterday I was reading a Foreign Policy (FP) magazine Special Issue on the Future, and I have been reading and writing a bit of science fiction lately. This made me think about where prognosticators fall down in making predictions about … Continue reading

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Wheels up, Captain, please: a tragedy revealed

Oilskin skies at night Waiting to board my flight Wheels up, Captain, please Get us up over those roiling seas I don’t think I can placidly wait anymore I’ll crack and fall catatonic to the floor Maybe there’s a lightening … Continue reading

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