Random Poetry

At Anchor
Undulating waves
Roll beneath our boat gently
Twist us to and fro

Rain is Coming
Breezes shake the trees
Tousling green leafy heads
Foreshadowing rain

Dystopian Christmas
Fuzzy-mouthed gray existence
Churning through dusty cityscapes
“They see you when you’re sleeping,
they know…”
They’re here for you.

Dreaming Impotently
“Was it a dream?”
It must have been.
Reality doesn’t grow fangs
or toss the earth up beneath one’s feet.
I was chased.
Why would I run in a dream?
My legs churned
but I did not advance
I shot my enemy
but he did not fall
I should have noticed
that I didn’t die
But I was filled with terror
that neither did he.
“Wake up!”
My inner voice called
to some buried part of me
but was ignored.

Advice to Novice Travelers
When traveling across the sea,
one must first know where to pee.
You see, when you get off the boat
pay toilets won’t take hundred notes.

Artistic mischief abounds
They spread out from the shadows
shaking spray cans
in an ominous night rhythm

About B Gourley

Bernie Gourley is a writer living in Bangalore, India. He is currently writing his first novel entitled CHASING DEMONS. He is a martial artist, yogi, and world traveler.
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2 Responses to Random Poetry

  1. onomatopeoia says:

    Rain is coming – very nice 🙂

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