childhood roadtrip memories: or, “that boy ain’t right!”

two fireflies in a jar
riding cross-country by car
sitting in the back seat
dangling my little feet

i’m Etch-a-Sketching doodles
looks like a bowl of noodles
but sans the bowl
it’s got no soul
just a bunch of squiggly lines
but mom says it looks fine

“‘fine’, so-so, or as in ‘fine dining’?”
i went compliment mining

she says,”it’s a masterpiece.”
the car has a moment of peace
as i bask in all my glory
and listen to dad tell mom a story

[miles of verdant pasture land pass by.]

“are we there yet?
why do lunch ladies wear hair nets?
what’s in the back of that big ole truck?
who’d win a fight between a chicken and a duck?”

“son, may I make a polite suggestion?

i’m kicking the back of the seat
with my dirty stocking feet
i feel the car start to swerve
“boy, you’re getting on my last nerve.”

“how long do we have to go?”

“when we get there I’ll let you know.”

[20 miles by and I’m kicking the seat again]

“son, don’t make me turn this car around,
or i’ll take you to live in the dog pound.”

that’s a miscalculation on the part of dad
six-year-olds don’t think puppies are so bad

pa says, “ma, that boy ain’t right”
we’re riding into fading light

[stinky refineries crawl past and I’m kicking the seat once more]

“don’t make me punch you dead, boy
i’ll smack the face off your head, boy”

i fell asleep – guard-rails whizzing past…

About B Gourley

Bernie Gourley is a writer living in Bangalore, India. His poetry collection, Poems of the Introverted Yogi is now available on Amazon. He teaches yoga, with a specialization in pranayama, and holds a RYT500 certification. For most of his adult life, he practiced martial arts, including: Kobudo, Muay Thai, Kalaripayattu, and Taiji. He is a world traveler, having visited more than 40 countries around the globe.
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