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How to Kill a Rogue Yard Gnome, Part I

[NOTE: This was also posted on my Tao of Loafing site.] Five nights ago, coming home at days end, nosing my car into the drive, I startled. Where my headlights should have roamed over a patch of bare grass, instead … Continue reading

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NASA Finds Poetry of Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings

The poetry of Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings of Greenbridge, Essex, England was thought to have been completely lost when the Earth was demolished to make way for an interstellar expressway. However, a scrap was found adrift in space. Scientists believe the sheer awfulness of the poem may have made it impervious to incineration, which is to say that the rays of the Vogon demolition beams refused to land upon the piece. Continue reading

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Birds in the Pine

black bird wing beats  an oscillating fan whoosh overhead twisting, the formation alights  high in the pines chirps mingle with pine cone picking imitating the tinkle  of tiny snapping icicles, or miniature wind chimes the flock clears a tree then … Continue reading

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