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Mind the Glass House

“…he’s such an idiot. He said he was from Kansas City, KANSAS, and so I say to him ‘why do you say KANSAS. What the hell other state would it be in?’” “Missouri.” Lenny Watts said without turning from a … Continue reading

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I sat upon the parapet wall Watching arrows rise and fall They did besiege us on that day But in the end their lost did lay About that field of sodden Earth Where we denied them a place of berth

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Blossoms dance in air Savoring the brief moment Between limb and earth

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A Turtle’s Life

Loitering on a river bank Turtles’ noses rose and sank What do the armored seek of life? Love and wealth? Perhaps a wife? No. They have far simpler dreams of rising tides and running streams All the turtle really needs … Continue reading

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Wintry Days

On a wintry day Long shadows slant through the fields Alight with amber

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